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Our Blogs... Our Journals... Our Bibles...
Our Blogs... Our Journals... Our Bibles...
"You are our epistle, written in our hearts, known and read to all men."

The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, Are read by more than a few, But the one that is most read and commented on Is the Gospel according to you. You are writing a gospel, a chapter each day... by things that you do and words that you say, Men read what you write... whether faithless or true

Say.... what is the gospel according to you?
Do men read His Truth and His Love?

Did you know that before technology arrived in our lives (early age) ... people already love to read and write diaries, journals?

David wrote a Diary, King Solomon too. Not to mention Jeremiah.

David wrote about Psalms... about his life with God's life. About how God blesses him, how he thank God for always there for him... How he cries his heart to God, How God punish him, How God forgive him etc...

He wrote Proverbs about... His way of thinking, His advices...

Trivia: Did you know that when you read Proverbs you'll notice that the first chapters, explain the purpose of Wisdom, and was spoken from a father to a son? 15x the fatherly say, "My son". Some advices particularly well suited for YOUNG People: Warnings against joining gangs, urgent cautions against Sex without marriage.. etc.. etc...

Solomon's blog.. (I mean Diary) is more of a sorrowful one. He wrote Ecclesiastes, how the world is a vanity without God. How wisdom, power and riches are meaningless. That Life isn't just like (*snaps*) that. That we need God more than ever if we want true Life.

Jeremiah wrote Lamentations, The diary of a country that weeps. He wrote how corrupted and crushed Jerusalem was about 586bc. He wrote how many lives suffered because of the wrath of God (coz of Idol worshipping). He wrote about bad government and wrote how He prayed for a revival.

Did you get my point?

Right now... Blogs are very popular. A friend of mine quoted these words, "We Blog cause we express not to impress". Same goes for all the bloggers around the world, the people who write offline diaries and even the men in the Bible.

I've read a thousand blogs.. and I have read a lot of different versions of Psalms, of Ephesians, of Proverbs, of Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, Exodus (Religious, Atheistic, Christianity, Buddhism, Taoists ... in different ways.)

What are you talking about Chette?

Well there are Blogs. That aren't Christian but they don't realize they are writing "Proverbs". They are writing Advices, How to have a good life, How to increase Wisdom in your studies. I have seen blogs that expresses their deep anger in the world and that they are useless. They don't realize they are writing "Ecclesiastes".

I have seen a lot of Blogs talking about politics, about bad government, how they despise what's happening in the world... They don't realize that they are writing "Lamentations".

If you are a blogger... what do you write about? Do you write Psalms? (Thanking God or anyone in this world) Do you write Ephesians? (Grace is beyond anything and that God will protect you or that you are thinking of protecting yourself and that no one can dictate you) Do you write about proverbs? (like giving encouragement from God or like just advising someone). Do you write Songs of Solomon? (expressing how much you love your husband, lover, yourself). Do you write Lamentations (talking about your country in your blog) Or probably you're writing about your life... like Job, Daniel, David and King Solomon?

Whatever you're writing for or reading, Just remember that... God looks into our Blogs too. But He loves to COMMENT to the people who blog about Him... about His truth, His ways and His Love... He answers the questions of these people who truly Love Him. He comment Back by answering prayers, and giving them blessings.

and if you are a frequent reader of any blogs... try the Bible, it has 66 books... 66 Blogs... written for your life.

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