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21. Katherine Mayfield   (2013-02-09 10:53 PM) E-mail
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20. D.R. Freeth   (2013-01-27 3:50 AM) E-mail

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19. D.R. Freeth   (2013-01-27 3:49 AM) E-mail
Great website!

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18. StoosseOrit   (2012-11-28 3:23 AM) E-mail

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15. 3yJhpE6pw   (2012-08-16 4:42 PM)
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13. E Foster   (2011-12-19 12:15 PM) E-mail
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12. James Robinson   (2011-10-15 4:56 AM) E-mail
Praise God! "How great is the love the Father has lavished on us that we should be called children of God and that is what we are. The reason the world does not know us is because it first did not know Him." 1 John 3:1 JESUS! GOd bless you guys today this is a video displaying the glory of God and engaging the kingdom of God! Praise God! We went up to Wall Street because the Lord told us auidbly to go and we saw a supernatural move of God! JESUS!

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11. Chette Dizon [Chette]   (2010-02-10 9:17 PM)
Hi Chi,
use the Prayer form if you need prayers smile

God bless!

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10. Chi   (2009-12-14 3:53 AM) E-mail
Hi everybody!! Now i know i am not the only one with a problem like mine. I've never made any trips back to Africa since past 3 years i left my country.I have a valid A - DIRECT AIRSIDE TRANSIT VISA from United Kingdom to my country issued in New York but no money for plane ticket. I have a plan to go to my country to submit my old passport and get a new passport even to visit my Dad and my family members and come back. I pray to God that there is someone out there that will be able to help me, please contact me (prof4real2005 AT yahoo DOT com)to take my information that you can use to buy me a plane ticket. THANKS. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS.

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9. Chette Dizon [Chette]   (2009-09-29 3:42 AM)
Amen. God always answers prayers ^^

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8. Julie Chutes   (2009-09-22 4:16 AM) E-mail
smile Finding out that daily prayer does work. Hallelujah.

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7. Lemuel Macalaguim [Lemuel]   (2009-08-24 9:00 PM)
God Bless you all!...

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