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A Blog of a Courageous Father (owner: Steve Patterson) - This blog is about Christian living, Courageous Fatherhood and being a Christian family. Anything about being a Christian and living as a Christian. Bible references, stories and thoughts. Prayer information. Some food and recipes to make as a family or for the family to share and enjoy and much more. Even some craft or family activities. (NEW)

A Moment with God (owner: Lisa) - A blog of daily devotionals and encouragement for Christians.

A Walk in the Life (owner: Bethany Magnuson) - My blog is about my walk with my family, God and all the joys and frustrations as we grow together.

AGZA - (owner: Amy) - Christian blog with scripture studies, devotionals, and graphic tutorials.

Along Came You (owner: Miki G) - "You. Yes, I know You. You once found me, told me You loved me, and made me Your bride. And now? You're here to romance me, You say? Indeed, this will be a divine romance." It's adventure time. (NEW)

Amazing Grace Tumblr (owner: Chette Dizon) - The url is amazinggrace09 because I was saved by God last October 09, 2002 

Amazing God in an amusing world (owner: Tina) - This website is nothing about me but all about God based on my true life stories and other original inspirational articles.

Angela's Insights (owner: Angela Rednour) - A blog of my life experiences.  To show what God has done and is doing in my life.

Between the Rock and a hard spot (owner: Teresa Hanly) - We collectively reveal the redemptive beauty of the Lord when we learn and share in the lessons he teaches us, when we are caught between The Rock and a hard spot.

Bible Blog (owner: Eugene San Andres) - Blogging the Word of God.


Carl's Words of Inspiration (owner: Carl Holland) - A ministry of discipleship and encouragement through original Christian devotionals, articles, stories, humor, and links to inspire and exhort believers in their faith walk with Jesus. (owner: Chette) - A Personal Blog about Chette and also this Blog is up to serve Souls who are seeking for God and is used as a testimony and a ministry.

Christ is livin' (owner: Joy Chan Nian En) - A blog which aims to strengthen Christians and share the gospel.

Christian Blogs for everyone (owner: Ariel) - Christian Blog for Everyone aims to present Christian messages in a way that is understandable by an ordinary layman.

Christian House Sitters (owner: Ray White) - A Christian Blog about the work of Christian House Sitters. A non profit, worldwide ministry bringing together Christian home owners and sitters and at the same time helping feed hungry children (NEW)

Chords and Lyrics (owner: Jhum) - christian chords and lyrics put up by our church's music team.

Coffee with Angie (owner: Angie Counter) - I am a Christian woman who shares my daily walk with God.  Sometimes in the sunshine, and sometimes in the storms of life!  I am trying to hold on to God in the midst of a crazy world.

Crystal Mary Lindsey Blog (owner: Crystal Mary Lindsey) - I am an Australian retired nurse who desires to spread the the Good News of Jesus Christ through my every day life. I incorporate stories, photos and Gods Word in a simple easy to understand fashion. This is to stir interest in related scriptures to inspire and bless the reader. 

Dare to Walk (owner: Clarissa Tubeo) - Its a blog made for Christians who lack passion on being a child of the Almighty. :).

Eternity Check (owner: Ernest Dabon) - Are you sure enough you are going to be in heaven with God for eternity? You need to be sure! May this blog can help you find answers to this question. For I am not ashamed of this Good News about Christ. It is the power of God at work, saving everyone who believes... (Romans 1:16)
Even If (owner: Leila Apostol) - My blog is about my life. I'm not  a goodie-goodie Christian and not perfect but I serve God in the best way I can. The Truth shall set you Free.

Fan the Fire Ministries (owner: Cornelio Chacon Sr.) - We are a ministry blog with a lot of encouragement via post,  free video and free downloadable mp3 teachings! (NEW)

Faith, Hope and Love (owner: Godsvision) - This blog is about charting my walk with God, as well as shouting out talented and inspirational people glorifying God. 

Glimpses of Grace (owner: Gladys Brown) - God is creating a beautiful tapestry within our lives that is no visible to the naked eye, so daily He is giving us Glimpses of His Grace. (NEW)

God Nuggets Blog (owner: Cyndi Warren) - Hope and encouragement for the hurting. Spiritual insight for those who want a closer love relationship with God.

God's Promises Are Real (owner: Marianne Lordi) - Meeting God at his word and trusting that he has plan for your life that cannot be stopped by your trials. (NEW)
Godswill (owner: Philip & Chette) - Welcome to Philip & Chette Blog (Love Blog). This Blog is all about Philip and Chette testimonies and sharing 

Hakkiri (owner: Emily Ma) - the unexamined life is not worth living

Have Faith. Have Fun (owner: Cari Jean) - This blog is dedicated to my love for all the things that make being a Christian so much fun including Christian events, ministry, music, books and food. It is also a place where I hope Christians of all denominations can find healing, inspiration, love and joy. Have Fun. Have Faith. Because Being a Christian Should Never be Boring! (NEW)

Heart on a threshing floor (owner: nashee) - I simply read the life authored by God. 

Humor 4 a Purpose (owner: Charles Jones) - After pastoring for 56 years I have started blogging using humor to enforce biblical concepts or ideas. 


Idealpinkrose (owner: Areum) - It's my personal blog where I post about everything and anything.

Inside Yvan's Brain (owner: Yvan Nunag) - Everything inside this blog is definitely my personal opinion. I can be right or wrong but definitely to express my wildest ideas majorly about Leadership, Campus Ministry, and Spiritual Growth. 

Jesus is God (owner: John Sam) - Christian collection of songs, messages.

Jesus is Lord Forever (owner: Michele Tutty) - A general blog about Christianity, and my random thoughts on the subject and my own Christian walk.

Jezrehiah (owner: Tikaniu) - is a Christian graphics site with blogs, articles, graphics, tutorials, and comics to help you on your way.

Kathleen's Blog (owner: Kathleen) - This is my personal blog. I talk about some happenings in my life especially now that I have God with me.
Ken Duenwald's Blog (owner: Ken) - New in the Blogging Online Ministry world, but His words are very encouraging. Check Him out

Lemuel Macalaguim (owner: Lemuel) - The primary purpose of this blog is to promote, among those people who have confessed with the words of their mouths and believe in their hearts that Jesus is Lord and Savior of their lives, a love and thorough understanding of the Word of God. It is also open to all people who want to gather information, curious and blog avid reader. Even critics are very much welcome. God Bless!
Life (owner: Jojo) - Life is as reach as the creations under the sea. We must look deep down to appreciate the fullnes of life. This is the primary purpose of this blog: To try to give a meaning and explanation to everything that happens around us everyday.

Life as it is (owner: Laura Lee) - My blog started because I was going to Africa on a mission. It shows my struggles with fear, my faith in God, and how He works in my life. I believe God is trying to speak through this generation, this age, and if we listen and obey we will be blessed.


Manifest Blog (owner: Stephen) - This blog chronicles my walk with God as well as reviews some Christian media—mostly because they send it to me free, so that I will post a review here. (NEW)

Melodious Sonnet (owner: Miki) -  Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain. Blog site documenting a daughter's adventures with her Father.

Mithmëoi (owner: Kris) - The personal site of a character animator, lots of art and blogging goes on here.
My Life with God (owner: Chette Dizon) - This blog is all about My Testimonies. (and some sharings) I want to share some memorable testimonies of my life. I hope this blog will encourage more Christians to stop struggling and submit their plans to God.

One Thing is Needed (owner: aisa veronica dadulla) - I am choosing what is better; here, listening at the Lord's feet. (NEW)

PLMTC "Precious Life Ministry Church" (owner: Nhor Latinovich) - Liberal in worship but strict in doctrine (NEW)

Periwinkle Confessions (owner: Cathy Canaceli) - It's a personal blog sharing what God is doing in everyday life, teaching young ladies about modesty, and about godly relationships.

Precious in His Eyes (owner: Leila) - Identifying God's hand in my life's journey. 
Purity (owner: Rics) - Hey! Its me! Rics hehe Well I am not going to use my name ERICA anymore because Erica stands for "Envy, Rotten, Idiot, Conniving Animal" So call me RICS from now on!
Anyway I am free! I've experienced ER last March and my golly! I was delivered! This is my blog and my life



Rad for Jesus (owner: Michele Tutty) - A blog that is focused on the cutting edge for this generation in Christ Jesus. Let's be "radical" for Jesus.

Rainey Days (owner: Raine) - Monuments of God's faithfulness in my life.

Recipes for our daily bread (owner: Diane Roark) - I recently started a recipe blog to encourage families and friends to cook together, eat around the table together and share the Word of God together.  Each recipe includes a large step by step pictures and a daily bible verse to meditate on.  I am also using the blog to post encouraging stories about: growing up with an alcoholic mom, having a gun put to my head at age 16, having a special needs son who has had 17 brain surgeries, our adoption story, teaching children to trust God, and many more.  I have started reviewing our family's favorite places, restaurants, movies, Christian fiction, and more.  My prayer is that people all over will be encouraged by  I also have a free non-profit bible game to help teach children the Word of God at  Thank you for your support

Reflect (owner: Jann Cobb) - Every day we have a choice to see God at work and learn to enjoy and reflect His goodness and His glory.

Royal Herald (owner: Royal Valley Free SDA Church) - News (blogs) and updates on the ministry conducted by the Royal Valley Free SDA Church, along with a collection of inspired and inspiring messages for Christians all the world over.

Royspace (owner: RemiRoy) - For the Love of Love, and God, seeing the Bible in a whole new light!

Running with horses (owner: David Holcomb) - A blog designed to feed our passion for Christian Discipleship and all things Running! To encourage and prepare one another for either of these races set before us. (NEW)


Scripture On Fire (owner: Chidozie Anene Okafor) - Today all Christian values are under serious threat of extinction; evangelize God’s Word to all, so that many may be saved.

Settled In Heaven (owner: Rob Barkman) - A Bible-based blog centering on evangelism, practical Christian living and proclamation of doctrinal truth.  Written by a Baptist Pastor of 15 years.

sleepy blue kitty (owner: sleepybluekitty) - My blog mainly talks about what Christ is doing in my life and the Bible Studies that I am doing in my life.  It also has quotes from other Christian vloggers, bloggers and those on twitter. (NEW)

Something Comes From Nothing (owner: Beth Ann Graybeal) - God can take what seems like nothing to us and make it a great something.  All we have to do is open our eyes and decide we're going to look for it!

Sower of the seed (owner: Steven R. Harris) - My blog is full of Christian articles, videos, and music. I feel as though my blog is best way for me to reach souls for Christ. I particularly feel called to reach the Jewish People, and to knock down the walls between Christians and Jews, to discover the One New Man as described by Paul. Thank you for this opportunity to share.

Spiritual Milk & Meat (owner: Chette Dizon) - This is a devotional Blog.

Sweet Blessings (owner: Jenifer Metzger) - A daily blog to encourage Christians in their walk with Christ. 


Teens will share Him (owner: Edward) - Jesus for the world through blogging.  (NEW) 

The Disciplers (owner: Vincent) - Everybody can be a discipler, this is the main theme of my blog where we encourage everyone to become a discipler in order to propagate God's word.

The Pacific SkyLight (owner: Rey Rusty Gayuma) - a Christian conqueror's blog dedicated to spread God's love letter...

The Seer 1959 Blog (owner: Michael Lee) - A compilation of thoughts, articles and prophetic poetry. May God bless all who come and read.

To Draw Near God (owner: Rizeru) - This blog is the Blog version of the website DRAWING TO GOD that contains drawing (sketch/art) which I hope would draw (to cause to go in a certain direction) or point people to God. 


Uncut Gems (owner: David Miller) - A collection of my thoughts and dreams and impressions as well as somethings that have had an impression on me. The idea is based on a journal assigned to me and my classmates in high school, we were graded on content rather than context, meaning our teacher didn't put any limits on what we put in our journals but required at least 2 pagers per week for a passing grade.



Walkinstep (owner: lisa melendez) - Learning to Walk in Step with the Lord, reading the bible day by day, sharing new truths and gems found in the Word. Encouraging, uplifting and telling the truth.

Whisperings (owner: Beauty From Despair) - Messages from the Spirit to a flawed and fragile soul. Short impressions of God speaking.

World Victory Mission of Christ Church - The Ultimate Soul Clinic (owner: Gail Cavanaugh) - This blog is about salvation for the lost.  it details how on can experience salvation through accepting Christ into their hearts.  The blog teaches that just like a doctor treats our sick physical bodies, God heals our sick souls. (NEW)