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August 2009 Updates
Dear Bloggers,

I want to invite you to a Christian Forum... please visit Friendship and Counseling Forum, if you have time... register and participate... let's all grow in faith and Knowledge in Jesus Christ ^^

If you are a Christian Blogger, fill free to read the rules and then join the Clan! Remember that the script that will be emailed to you must be put in your website, please help me to spread this listing to all the Christian Bloggers :D Also if you notice in some of the blogs, in the end there is this image > it means the blogger has a friendster account. So add his/her friendster as well ^^ God bless everyone!!! :D

(Post from Recent to Previous) ^^

//Edit: (Aug 21) Hi everyone! Okay for this update we have two new Christian brethrens, One Sister and One Brother. Please help me welcome Kris and Lemuel. ^^ Kris is awesome! check her drawings and her small movies while Lemuel's post are all for the Change for the Philippines! Eddie Ako! hehehe.  //End of Edit

//Edit: (Aug 18) Hey! Sorry for the long update, something happened; So now we have 2 new christian bloggers who joined the list! Please let help me welcome Areum of Idealpinkrose and Joy of Boatsong :D Please do visit their sites; and exchange links with them =) //End of Edit

//Edit: (Aug 14) Sorry! for the long update... my body fell.. please continue to pray for me... Now for this day I added another Blog from Tikaniu she's a dear friend and she owns so check it out. :D Also we decided to start the "Featured Blog" on September =D so stay tuned for that :D //End of Edit

//Edit: (Aug 05) Ugh.. I've been sick for 2 days... please pray for me ^^;; but! on the bright side we have 4 new blessed members! Thank you so much for joining! Please let's make this list bigger so that all the people who are discourage will just go here and browse our blogs :). Okay now let's welcome the new Members! First, we have Kimbalee, and her blog is not just about Christian thoughts but there are stuff for the visitors! (I really enjoyed her blog. So go there). Second is, Vincent and his blog is really encouraging. "Everybody can become a discipler!" (Praise the Lord!) Lorraine's blog makes me think, her moments with God are quite amazing and lastly, Kz shares not only about God's word but also her word. //End of Edit

//Edit: (Aug 04) Another Musician of God and Blogger join the group. The Blog is all about Lyrics and Chords, so if you're looking for chords? clickie the blog of Jhum  //End of Edit

//Edit: (Aug 03) Another Member joined! lightfall... she has a very interesting blog... ^^ and I am soooo happy!!!! my Best Best Best friend finally joined! so heads up to the List and click Hanakanapanatara  //End of Edit

//Edit: (Aug 02) We have another New Member! Uncle David Miller. Hehehe. I am used calling him Uncle because he looks like my uncle... hehehe... thanks for joining!!! //End of Edit

//Edit: (Aug 01) Thank you so much for joining! Right now we have two new Blogs added in our Listing. Melodious Sonnet by Miki and Bible Blog by Eugene. Go and Visit them and Exchange Links with them :)

Spread God's Love!
- Admin
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1 jhum   [Entry]
thanks for the warm welcome chette! one question. why cant i click on the names? isnt it supposed to be linked? or i just dont know how to? hehe.

2 Chette   [Entry]
You should go to the Blog links to click the links ^^ hehe ^^

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