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April 2011 Featured Blog

April 2011
Featured Blog: Christ is livin'
Featured Blogger: Joy Chan

And the Clicks finally decided! Let's meet Joy Chan!

CBC: Tell us something about you
Joy: I am Christian who aims to bring the Gospel to the world out there, especially on the internet, because I believe that the internet is a strong, powerful influence to share the Gospel.
CBC:  What's the story behind your Blog title 
Joy: My blog, title, Christ is livin' is actually super random... Ha just because I know Christ is livin' in me and others, it just came out! :)
CBC: What's the most memorable experience you've had as a Christian?
JoyIn actual fact, I was a re-dedicated Christian... So I just thank God each day for letting me experience His love and mercy.. So if you want to ask me about the most memeorable one, I would say everyday, in the morning.. :p
CBC: What's the most memorable experience you've had as a Christian Blogger? 
JoyAs a Chrisitan blogger, I believing in letting God take control of my post. So basically before I start any blog post I jsut take time to pray... The most memerable experience is when I realise that the Holy Spirit is writing every post for the glory of God..
CBC: What motivates you to write your blog?  
JoyWhat motivates me to write my blog??? Erm... My most basic answer is Jesus!! Because He is so crazy for me, I became crazy for Him... :)
CBC: What is your favorite verse and why
My favourite verse is Hebrews 13:5, where God tells me that He'll never leave me and forsake me. It just strengthens me when I want to give up on things, and it spurs me on to continue writing for God.. :D
CBC: Lastly, Any message to the readers/bloggers ?
As for the message to readers, I just want to tell them that God will always love them and strengthen them through blogs.. So anytime they feel so down and weary, I hope this blog will strengthen them.. 

Lastly, for bloggers, I just hope that you all will believe in letting God take control of your blogs.. Instead of cracking your heads so hard just to think of one post to write, I would ask you al to pray first, then listen to what God has to say to your readers.. Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord!

And, thanks for choosing me as your featured blogger.. God bless!! :D
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2 Joy Chan   [Entry]
Ha no prob yea!! Ha I was not aware that this interview would be put here... Ha hope everyone reading this will be strengthened yea! God bless... :D

1 Emma   [Entry]
Thanks for sharing

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