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December 2010 Featured Blog

December 2010
Featured Blog: Uncut Gems
Featured Blog: David Miller

Congratulations David! So now lets get to know him!

CBC: Tell us something about you
David:  I am a 57 year old married male. I live in Mesa, Arizona. I love music of just about any type or genera. I grew up with the old vinyl records and loved to read the liner notes. Because of that I tended to know a little more about music than most of my family and friends so I have been told more than once that I would make a great radio dj. Unfortunately a deep case of stage fright keeps me off the air.
CBC:  What's the story behind your Blog title 
David:  Originally I had wanted to title my blog "Thoughts, Dreams and Impressions” named after a journal I wrote just after leaving high school and while I was in the US Navy. But due to some bad decisions on my part, that title was taken by another blogger. So I wanted something that would still reflect the fact that my writings tend to be short and for the most part unedited. I think "Unpolished Gems or stones” was also already taken so I finally settled on the idea of raw gems as they might appear fresh out of the ground still more like ordinary rocks but with the heart of beautiful gems.
CBC: What's the most memorable experience you've had as a Christian?
David: Being brought back to the fold like a prodigal child by a dear friend I met on line in a chat room but never got the opportunity to meet in person. It is a rather long complicated story so I will give a brief summation here. My online friends name is Lynn. On a Tuesday evening while attending a chat room meeting I suddenly got struck by an overwhelming urge to go to church. I asked my wife, Tammy, if she wanted to go to church, which she of course said "Yes!” The following Sunday we attended service a local Presbyterian church and felt warmly welcomed. The following Monday I received an email that Lynn had lost his battle with cancer at the age of 27 on the previous Monday. We are still members in good standing with that church.
CBC: What's the most memorable experience you've had as a Christian Blogger? 
David: I guess that would be when I was much more actively posting in a previous blog and got lots of comments from readers. When you get comments, positive or negative, you know that you are reaching someone and inspiring them to think or even just feel.
CBC: What motivates you to write your blog?  
David: I do not know. I just feel this (urge, need, desire?) to write a blog. Usually a topic will come to me earlier in the day or even several days before I write and just stays with me till I write it.
CBC: What is your favorite verse and why
David: I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. Philippians 4:13. When I get completely overwhelmed by something and I feel like I just can not go forward any more, I find someplace where I can be alone and I just sit quietly for a few minutes. A solution almost always comes to mind and things work much smoother. 
CBC: Lastly, Any message to the readers/bloggers ?
David: Just keep writing and I find it helpful to share my work with someone before posting so I can get a second set of eyes to look for errors.
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