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June 2010 featured Blog

September - November 2010
Featured Blog: Melodious Sonnet
Featured Blog: Miki 
Url: http://phoenix

Congratulations Miki! So now lets get to know her!

CBC: Tell us something about you
Miki:  I am deathly afraid of clowns

CBC:  What's the story behind your Blog title
Miki:  It comes from Come Thou Fount in the first verse, and I really just want my life to be a joyful noise to the Lord.

CBC: What's the most memorable experience you've had as a Christian?
Miki: At the beginning of this school term, I actually ran into a cult as I was searching for a church to belong to after having moved not too long ago. By human eyes and my own judgment, I was so close to falling and believing what they were telling me, but after I pulled out of that group after about a week of knowing them, I saw that even though it looked like I almost fell, God was in control of every second and gave me the truth to combat their lies.

CBC: What's the most memorable experience you've had as a Christian Blogger?
Miki: I think I'd have to say it's every time I receive an inspiration from the Lord because He's the reason why I can write, and every time I meet with Him and the words come, I have this great joy from our interaction.

CBC: What motivates you to write your blog? 
Miki: Partly it's to get my thoughts out. Partly so that others may be blessed by it. But absolutely so I can use my writing to be a blessing to God.

CBC: What is your favorite verse and why
Miki: My favorite verse is probably Jeremiah 1:19 because it guarantees that trials and battles will come, but it also guarantees that He's with us to rescue us. Jeremiah's probably my life book. =P

CBC: Lastly, Any message to the readers/bloggers ?
Miki: Keep writing, and use it to make God smile!
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