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Our First Featured Pastor-Blogger

CBC: Tell us something about you
Ptr. Vince: I'm Vince Olaer. I am first of all a sinner who received forgiveness from our Lord and savior Jesus Christ to whom I committed my life in service. Currently, I am pastoring in Ormoc City, Leyte and at the same time I am webmaster and blogger. I started to have an interest in website making about 5 years ago. But I got hooked with blogging since it is the easiest way to start learning all about websites.

Now, I also work as a freelance website builder, SEO Expert, and professional link builder while pastoring. I also work as an area coordinator of Partners in Evangelism International and is currently the moderator of Leyte Association of Southern Baptist Churches. 
CBC:  What's the story behind your Blog title 
Ptr. VinceI really want to have a website that talks about God and ministries. And since we have a very few pastors that are working under our denomination here in Leyte, I decided to cover something that can help other ministers and develop more local pastors that will help me serve here in Leyte. That's were I got the name of the blog, "The Disciplers”. This is why my blog cover areas that are related for Christian's spiritual development such as sermon making, Christian music, discipleship, and even devotional materials and many others. 
CBC: What's the most memorable experience you've had as a Christian?
Ptr. VinceI guess it's the time when I have learned how to lead a Bible study where it has become my sort of "masterpiece”. I love leading Bible studies since then. It has become a way for me to bring people in the Lord. The feeling is incomparable when you first led someone to Christ. 

From that time on, I seek to train people to lead other people to come to Christ. That memorable moment gave this great courage to build my blog. 
CBC: What's the most memorable experience you've had as a Christian Blogger? 
Ptr. VinceAs a blogger, that was when someone I haven't met in my life, someone that I don't know personally and emailed me telling me that my blog really helped him in his ministry. I never thought that my blog will be a great help for many people. Now, even my classmates from the seminary where I graduated read my blog. 
CBC: What motivates you to write your blog?  
Ptr. VinceThe greatest motivation that I had in my blog is when people email you telling you that your blog help them in their ministries. "Help your readers...” this is what I have learned from famous bloggers such as Darren Rowse, Seth Goddin, and Brian Clark. 

Helping and influencing others through your writings is simply the best motivators in blogging. 
CBC: What is your favorite verse and why
Ptr. Vince
I have lots of favorite verses, but for me the best verse that really encourages me to stand against discouragements in my ministry is what Joshua said; "Choose now today whom you will serve... but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15)
CBC: Lastly, Any message to the readers/bloggers ?
Ptr. Vince: 
For my readers, if you are looking for a website or blog that can help you in your spiritual walk, the Disciplers is definitely a good place to start. It is a place where you can find lots of Christian thoughts and encouragements. In simple terms, it is huge collection of Christian resources that can help you in your ministry. You can visit my site And if you also want to follow my me in my personal blog, you can visit: 

To my fellow Christian bloggers, I encourage you to continue what you are doing. It takes a while to gain lots of readers. More and more people will come to your blog when you help them. Keep in mind that every little good things that you do, God sees it and your works is not in vain. 
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